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Named "bludgeon" due to the bludegoned bodies he leaves in his path, he is a faceless nomad. Wanderer of the desert plains, Bludgeon could possibly be the most sadistic being ever. Living only to kill, Bludgeon's trade mark "bludgeonings" have amassed to hundreds. Is he affliated with the Dreadnoks? It's very unlikely, as even bodies of fellow noks have been found bludgeoned. However, the dreadnoks have been known to do worse.

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hey sgcaper, do you know why my pictures aren't showing up?

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Hey man, great looking figure. So with the images on the site there is a window icon to cut and paste the "Direct link" from Photobucket into. If you do this they'll show up.

I fixed it for ya.


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Freaky! Sounds like this guy's well-suited to & enjoying the apocalypse.

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