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Hatch got his start riding a bus, ambulance, on the mean streets of Denver, Colorado. After several years he moved on to bigger and better things, traveling the world with Kellogg Brown & Root, which later became KBR. He went from third world suck to third world dust trap helping people with all types of medical needs. through these experiences he saw first hand how corporate greed and government intrusion affected the live of the common man. Rarely in a good way.

It was while deployed in a region of Africa that he was approached with a new job offer. The pay was twice as high, salaried, and the tours were less random, the company Carbo Medical Associates, a subsidiary of Arbco, itself a subsidiary of Extensive Enterprises. Hatch took the job with the blessing of his wife. He quickly learned that he had in fact been recruited into Cobra. He graduated Medi-Viper training top of his class and earned the nickname "Hawkeye" after Alan Alda's character on MASH.

Hatch was stateside when THEY destroyed the world. He roams the Rockies with his wife trying to meet up with a deep cover Cobra Medical Research Base known as the Snake's Den.


“Drop it!” Hatch holds his pistol steady aimed directly in the center of the man’s forehead.


“You drop it!” The man’s AR15 sighted on the right eye of the man pointing the gun at him.


“I will drop you where you stand!” Hatch stands unwavering his body shielding his wife huddled behind him.


“Not before I send one through your skull.” The large dog snarls at the man pointing the handgun at his best friend. The situation is tense. Hatch takes it all in; the look in the dog’s eyes says it all, he will not go down without a fight. The look in the man’s eyes is even scarier.


“Look man we don’t want any trouble okay.” The words have the desired effect, some of the tension in the gunman’s shoulders melts away.


“You drew on me first!”


“What no you did!” Hatch realizes the futility of this argument, “Okay look I’m lowering my weapon okay.” Slowly Hatch brings his weapon down while raising one hand in the air. “We really don’t need want any trouble, you startled us man. I’m sorry.”


“O-okay man.” The man lowers his weapon reluctantly. The giant canine bares his teeth, he places one hand on the big dog at his side, “It’s okay buddy.” He slings his rifle and extends his hand, “I-I’m Shaggy. This is Scooby Doo.” Hatch takes his hand the grip is firm and certain.


“I’m Brian. This is my wife Emily.”


“I’m sorry about that. We-we’re looking for some medical supplies.”


“Well today must be your lucky day, I’m a medic. What do you need?”


“I-I’m not sure. What do you need to deliver a baby?”

Field Uniform:

Trained to save lives on the battlefield Hawkeye is quite the capable warrior.


"O, woe be the day the enemy descends, mourn we will, for the sake of all that's holy in this universe....

... 'cause the Alley Viper Corps is gonna fuck it ALL up!" - NFC

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