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Ch 45: The Double Cross (By Guest Writer PRIEST)

Posted by SGCaper on September 23, 2011 at 5:15 PM

Date: october 6th Time: 0940 Location: Haverhill, Suffolk, UK.

Five men gather around the tower, they quickly sprint to a manhole, the cover comes up with a clang as one of them quickly pulls it up. “In! In!” ordered one; they all began their descent into the dark dank sewers. They trudge through the accumulated waste. The smell of death permeates the air. They stop their advance as a body floats towards them “Do a quick ID check Vince."

“Sir! The body... it’s come up as agent… Shana O’hara.” muttered Vince.

“Damn, I’ll send a message to Hawk” replies SGT. Thunder sadness in his voice. But there is no time for mourning now they have a mission to complete. They continue on and stop wading through the excrement in front of a set of ladders leading up. The manhole cover falls from above splashing down in front of the Joe team as a voice echos through out the sewer “That’s our informant.”

Agent Raven stood above, at the ready, crossbow in one hand and a briefcase in the other; one by one they ascend out of the rank sewer tunnel. They enter a nondescript garage. It's filled with rows of tables; each table littered with 50 and 100 gram bags of different narcotic; cannabis, crack, cocaine, meth, cut-up magic mushrooms. Taking it all in Downtown gasps “This has to be worth millions!”

Agent raven nods, briefly showing a scar under her ear, “Correct, now, here is the plan.” She quickly replies. She begins issuing orders, “Thunder you and Flak-Rain will be driving those vehicles out of here" She points to several luxury sedans parked on the far side of the garage, "Careful they're hot. Downtown get up on the roof with Vince and keep an eye out for unwanted company. The Lieutenant and I will be placing these Nano Bombs in strategic places” she opened the briefcase to show a few assorted bright green metal containers.

“Gas masks on men lets move!” ordered Thunder.

They pull on their masks and ensure a tight seal before all simultaneously sprinting away. Thunder and Flak-Rain make their way towards the 2nd floor. As they go Thunder asks, “Where did Raven get that scar from?”

“What scar?” Flak-Rain stoops jogging and turns back toward the sergeant a look of incredulity on his face.

“The one under her ear.”


“Dammit!" Flak-Rain says then immediately hits his the transmit button on his com, "Dense! Vince! Downtown! That wasn’t Agent Raven! I repeat that wasn’t Agent Raven!


Vince turned to Downtown “You stay guard I’ll be back!”

“I heard ya.”

A short while after Vince left Downtown gasped, “Oh shit!”


Agent Raven turned too see Thunder and Flak-Rain running towards her Dense saw too and instantly jammed his sub-machine gun in the impostors temple “On the fucking ground bitch!”

The impostor went down to her knees and slowly her hands went up. Thunder crouched in front of her and grabbed her chin and twisted her head sideways showing a small incision, he shoved his finger through and tugged ripping a bunch of “skin” off, he looked at Dense and Flak-Rain, Dense held a MP-5 and Flak-Rain pointed his M16 a the rip of skin “Now pull it all off Vince can identify her when he gets here.”

Thunder began pulling off the skin when, BREEEEKKKK!

“The fuck was that?”

Sir! Downtown here, a plane just crashed looks like Raven brought back-up!

Thunder looked down at the impostor and slowly turned his M4 towards the doors; Dense edged towards her and then with one quick pull ripped the latex mask off her, revealing her true face.

She had high cheekbones and pure hazel eyes witch gleamed as she said “Finally that mask was doing my head in!”

“I know that accent! Are you with PIRA?” Muttered Dense

“Yes I am, PIRA doesn’t like cobra either and they’re stealing our business.”

Thunders radio crackled, “Thunder, Narco-Vipers and a bunch of civvies running towards target building counting 11 in total, there being followed by . . . A horde of . . . Rioters? I don’t know but sir we need too get out of here!”


Dense briefly glanced at the unimpressive looking doors then he pulled out his pistol and placed the muzzle under her earlobe, “I say we drop her then piss off out of here and blow the bombs, fuck the civvies there probably Cobra supporters.”

Thunder gasped in embarrassment, “Where is Raven?”

The impostor glanced at him with a confused face, “You did come through the tunnels I would have thought you’d have found her?”

Thunder glared at the woman kneeling before him as realization dawned on him, “Drop her.”

Dense smiled with glee, “With pleasure Sir!”

The quick pop pop of Dense's sidearm echoed through the space. Two bullets smacked into the side of her head, exploding out the other side with so much force pieces of her brain flew 3 meters away. Vince appeared at the corridor to the groups left, he jogged towards them and then cautiously trod over parts of brains and skull, “You could of made a smaller mess.” moaned Vince, Thunder grabbed hold of his radio “Downtown! Can you rapel down the building?”

“Who do you think I am Action Man? Be there in a sec!”

Thunder and company started running towards the manhole. The unmistakable sound of gunfire could be heard outside, Thunder grabbed hold of his radio again “Downtown you there!”

“Yes but the Narcos are shooting at that horde of . . . UP?”

“What the fuck are you Mr and Mrs Acronym?”

“UP I made it up stands for Unidentified Peeps!”

“Hardy fucking ha!”



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5:25 AM on September 24, 2011 
Thunder love the charachter and always thought him and Downtown were partners. Artillery and Mortar.
An honour to contribute.