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Chapter 44: Vipers Nest: Sneak Peek

Posted by SGCaper on September 23, 2011 at 5:10 PM

Date: July 26, 2011. Time: 0832. Location: South America, somewhere along the Amazon River.


The cell isn't cold, dank, ill lit, or uncomfortable. In fact it isn't even a cell, it was the bunk of Viper Young before his untimely demise. There does remain a… lingering… odor but it's not intolerable. Sneak Peak thinks to himself, "It's not as bad as a wet yeti." For two years this room has been his prison. Captured through shear dumb luck he has continued in his attempts to gather information waiting for the day he can communicate with the PITT. He has investigated the ventilation ducts, which he came to the conclusion are not only too small to gain access to but also would never support him. Before putting him in the room the Vipers stripped it of every possible item that could be fashioned into a weapon. All that remained was the mattress, pillow, and wool blanket. He knows each and every nook and cranny, each crack in the wall and chip in the paint.


He came to learn the Vipers' schedule, at first there was no pattern, they would feed him randomly sometimes it felt like only an hour had passed between meals other times days. He doesn't remember when the switch came but eventually the guard rotation became more regular. His meals had more substance, he was no longer given the bare minimum to sustain him, they started providing him full meals. Sure they're essentially MREs but at least he now has the energy to maintain fitness. Pushups, sit ups, jumping jacks, running in place, anything to help bide his time and keep his body ready for action. He was in the middle of one of his workouts when he heard keys in the door. Normally he would have been brought his meal when he was at sit up 500. They didn't show. Now he had run more than 4000 lengths. He stopped in his tracks. Perhaps today was the day they decided to kill him, that would mean his anomy attempt to escape.


He watched as the door handle turned. The door opened. In stepped a man. A plain, average looking man. His pinstriped suit pressed to perfection. His shoes gleaming from many long nights of polishing. The recognition of the man was near instant. Before he could even react the man said with a strong clear voice, "Sneak Peek. So very good to see you again." The look of disbelief was plainly apparent on the face of the long time captive. "Well, aren't you going to say anything?"


Stepping forward he reaches out and places his hand upon the man's shoulder, "Chuckles, is it really you?"


"Who else would it be?"


"Is it over? Are those things still out there? You know what, it doesn't matter. Let's get out of here. I need to get to a computer and send a message off to the PITT."


"I'm afraid you won't be doing anything of the sort." In the time it took Sneak Peek to blink the look in the Joes eyes went from welcoming to one that was dark and devoid of all emotion.


Taking his hand down he looks at his teammate confused, "What do you mean man? I have to get out of here and report in."


"No Sneak Peek. You don't. But don't worry all isn't lost… Yet."


The look makes the hair on the back of Sneak Peek's neck stand up. Stepping back he puts distance between himself and the man in front  of him. They had worked together on several Operations in the past, last he knew Chuckles was deep undercover in Cobra in an attempt to get close to and assassinate Cobra Commander, what happened since the plagues hit he had no idea. Unsure of what to say or do Sneak Peek asks, "What's going on Chuck?"


"I'll keep it simple. I'm here to offer you a way out of this room. A way to once again put your talents to work. I'm here to offer you a choice. And now it's decision time…


The first option is death. I assure you however death will not come quickly. You will however hope, beg, and pray for it. The second...

join Cobra."

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5:01 PM on February 3, 2012 
Actually it would be interesting if Sneak Peek does join? hmm?
5:23 AM on September 24, 2011 
Die Sneak Peek Die!
Reply MSU44
11:42 PM on September 23, 2011 
unless Chuckles gets him out under the guise of joining Cobra no way Sneak Peak goes through all that just to join up.
Reply SGCaper
5:37 PM on September 23, 2011 
Now it's up to you the readers to decide the fate of Sneak Peek. Will he join Cobra or refuse and have it out with Chuckles? It's your call. All you have to do is post your vote here in the comment section. Whichever way you vote decides not only Sneak Peek's fate but may have major repercussions for the whole ATR verse. So let's hear it.