In the apocalyptic remnants of the world All That Remains is us and THEM...

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Chapter 27: Castle Destro

Posted by SGCaper on June 1, 2011 at 1:45 PM

Date: August 14, 2013. Time: 10:34 am. Location: Castle Destro, Scotland.

"Laird THEY have broken through!"

- I knew this day would come. After the attack by that traitorous Snake I knew it was only a matter of time. The reinforcing of the walls was bound to fail. But still… I had hope. Now…

"Laird? What should we do?"

"Have all the civilians been moved inside?"

"Yes Laird."

"Then prepare to protect the Castle from invaders." The loyal Iron Grenadier Captain salutes his commander, his Laird, and turns to lead his forces. "Captain." The man turns, his face hidden under the armored helm and faceplate of his uniform, a welcome protection for his face shows fear at the tone which Laird Destro uttered that single word. "See to it that you do a better job than last time."

"Yes Laird." This time he takes a low bow before he turns away. He was the Captain of the Guard on duty during the last raid on Castle Destro. It was his responsibility to ensure the safety of his Laird and those who sought sanctuary behind the centuries old walls. It was he who failed to notice that their security camera footage was being looped. It was his fault for the loss of civilian lives and heavy casualties to the Iron Grenadiers. But it had been his first failure in a long career of successes. With the near eradication of his valuable IG ranks Destro was forced to keep him on, rather than have him executed, as was the punishment. He was however given charge of recruiting a new member for the IGs for each lost in the battle. He has yet to fully replenish the ranks. Those who have joined have had to undergo a shorter training period due to the current circumstances. He knows that this time, failure will not be tolerated. The men who survived the Cobra attack started a pool, taking bets on how he'll be executed if he fails again. So far the best odds are that he'll be fed to THEM then after turning get a bullet between the eyes. Even with this happening behind his back the men follow his orders and respond as they have been trained.

The Captain makes his way through the castle checking positions and ensuring each entrance receives extra fortification. The civilians have been moved to the lower levels of the Castle where, should THEY get in, the civilians could at least escape the Castle, however their escape would dump them into "No Man's Land" outside the walls. Better than dying in a hole in the ground. At least they'll have a chance. He shakes his head, it won't come to that. He will do his job, or die trying.

"Get that door secured. Move those barricades. Double ammo packs for every Grenadier. Prepare to repel assault." His orders are snapped off in quick succession. For each Grenadier there are two new soldiers. The vets leading the newbies. Their perfect calm in the face of impending doom helps to calm the nerves of the newest. Each door and window has one of these teams. Two men on while one recharges magazines ready to switch off should either Grenadier need a break.

The moans from outside grow in volume even through the meters thick stone walls. Then it begins. The staccato of rifle fire as roof top snipers begin picking off THEM one by one. Next comes the sounds of the heavy Grenadiers. Armed with a state-of-the-art MARS Industries "Smart Gun." Firing 600 case-less high explosive rounds at 120 RPM these Grenadiers with their BFGs should take out anything. Thing that makes these guys special, or crazy, is that they are on the ground, right outside the castle, facing THEM head on. Sure they're wearing advanced armor and uniforms of bite proof fabric but the estimated count of THEM stood at 45,000 while there are littel more than a handful of Heavies. 45,000 blood thirsty beasts versus 50 IG Heavies.

The last sound, the one that makes the new recruits break out in a cold sweat. The one the Captain fears the most comes at last. The pounding. It takes over an hour for THEM to break the lines outside. But THEY are relentless. The pounding comes as does the moaning. They had grown accustomed to it over time but it was far off. Now right outside the doors or windows, a certain chilling element is added to the sound. Every IG inside the Castle is on edge. Waiting, hoping, praying that their barrier will hold. Keeping them out. Time passes, whether it's minutes or hours no one knows. Nor do they care. They just wait.

The Captain was sure to reserve his place at the main entrance to the Castle. There with his two recruits and a second team of 3 he waits. Watching for any sign of fatigue in the great oak and armored doors from the incessant pounding coming from outside. They still hear the snipers and heavies. The sniper fire is slow, steady, like a metronome. The heavy's fire is loud and unstoppable. Only the Captain can hear what's really happening though. How the heavies are being overrun by THEM. How they continue to hold their ground and fire making little headway in the battle against the undead as they create draggers and shamblers. Their weapons being meant for taking out armored units rather than head shots against the walking dead. The Captain hears it all. Then he hears a scream. One of the heavies has gone down. THEY quickly cover him. Somehow they get through the armor, through a weakness in the plating. The Captain listens to the gristly sounds of a heavy being eaten alive. He doesn't here the Heavy call for help. No plea for mercy. In fact through the screams the Captain hears the Heavy's weapon still firing. Even looking imminent death in the face the IG tries to protect his Laird.


From a top the east tower of the Castle, Destro watches the destruction below. His snipers never miss, each shot drops one of THEM forever. He watches the heavies unload thousands of rounds into the swarming mass. Some of THEM go down, but more often they get back up, or worse crawl. He watches his men overrun, he is proud of them as they hold their positions and continue to repel the undead. He hears the first scream as one falls and is torn apart. He had prepared for that eventuality. Each Heavy Grenadier's helmet has been equipped with a small explosive device that will terminate the threat. Destro types a code into his wrist com, from the Castle rooftop little more than a "pop" is heard. The heavy has been neutralized.

The battle is not going in his favor. His men fight valiantly. They knew the risks. One by one they go down. The sounds of moaning now louder than that of weapons fire. The snipers continue their barrage but there are just too many of THEM.

"Hold your positions men. THEY must not enter the Castle." His snipers keep firing with rhythmic precision. With a turn Destro turns and walks through a doorway and down a spiral staircase leading to the first level. "Captain!"

"Yes Laird." The Captain remains at his post watching the door. Watching it bow under the force and constant blows of the undead without. As he and Destro watch, the doors give. An arm shoots through a crack in the door. One of the new IGs takes aim and fires. "Hold you fire! Hold your fire!" The Captain shouts out his orders to the astonishment of his men and Destro.

"Explain yourself Captain!"

"Laird, it is a single crack, the barrier is holding, by firing we will do more damage to the integrity of the doors. We should focus on reinforcing them." The Captain's sound logic and cool demeanor help to reassure Destro that he is in control of the current situation and that his advice should be headed.

"You heard your Captain, reinforce those doors." The new IGs scramble to grab whatever they can to support the doors and prevent THEM from getting in while the veteran IGs hold their aim steady waiting to take their shots if necessary. In minutes the door gap is covered, heavy planks left by the side for just this instance secured in place by large gauge screws.

The IGs retake their positions when radios start squawking to life… a voice shouts over the sounds of breaking glass and moaning.

- "They're through. Repeat they're through. South corridor, windows 3 and 4. Engaging fire." -

"Captain see to it that a squad of Grenadiers is sent to assist in the…"

"Already done my Laird. Squad Airth have already been pulled from reserves."

Once again the conversation is cut short as more reports come over the radio at various areas around the Castle.

- "They're everywhere!" -

- "Where the hell are they coming from." -

- "Secure your positions! Gaaahhhhh!" -

More panicked voices come over the coms, the new Grenadiers lack the discipline of the veterans. Their fear fills the air.

"Captain…" The Captain looks at his Larid only to see him aiming his sidearm at the main doors. Before he can turn and see Destro fires. The Iron Grenadiers follow suit, smoke chokes the air, a normal man would be able to neither see, hear, nor breathe. But these are Iron Grenadiers. Their helms along with internal coms are also equipped with various high tech instrumentation allowing them to see and breathe despite the growing smoke as well as offering protection for their hearing as the blasts of high powered rifles echos through the Castle.

Destro makes each shot count, taking one of THEM with him with each squeeze of the trigger. He now begins to regret his decision to send a majority of his forces to aid the Queen. Generals Mayhem and Voltar leading a Brigade of Iron Grenadiers in the securing of the British mainland. His newest Colonel, Col. Darklon, missing in action along with a Company of Destro's finest Iron Grenadiers. He left himself with a single company to protect his home. Yes he regrets that decision. Greatly.

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Reply SGCaper
9:55 AM on June 2, 2011 
Thanks Priest. I'm hoping it only gets better.
9:44 AM on June 2, 2011 
now that was epic!
Reply SGCaper
4:55 PM on June 1, 2011 
Thanks man. There are lots of things in store for ol' Chrome Dome.
Reply Viper
3:18 PM on June 1, 2011 
That was awesome man, great read as always. Can't wait to find out what happens to Destro.