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Chapter 24: The Vipers Nest: Sneak Peek

Posted by SGCaper on April 6, 2011 at 2:41 PM

Date: September 17, 2009. Time: 1034. Location: South America, somewhere along the Amazon River.


"He's been in and out of consciousness for the last couple of days. He keeps mumbling about Lifeline and Doc. He doesn't seem to know where he is."


While the men of Vipers Nest are well compensated the one thing they lack is a Medi-Viper. Lee is the closest they have, he took all the courses offered beyond the basic combat lifesaving training that all Vipers take but decided not to pursue the Medi-Viper Corps. Thankfully they haven't needed any treatment beyond the occasional insect bite. Although in the Amazon an insect bite can be just as lethal as a bullet, only in most cases its more painful.


"When will he be ready for interrogation?"


"Well sir, when ever you want."


"Good. Prepare him. I'll be there in 5."


"You got it boss."


Viper Lee walks out of the small office of his commanding officer and down the long hall towards the infirmary. Like all the rooms of the Vipers Nest the infirmary is small with bare and thick reinforced concrete walls. Inside are side by side hospital beds, one currently occupied by the strapped in and unconscious Joe, Sneak Peek. The other empty. Around the room are several stainless steel cabinets of varying sizes each holding all manner of first aid gear. The wall mounted cabinets are of the same stainless steel but with glass inset in the doors allowing for easy view of all the instruments and materials within. A standard operating table sits to the far right.


Everything within is just as Lee left it. He glances at their prisoner, donned in only a hospital gown after having been stripped of weapons and gear, before prepping the needle of adrenaline that will awaken him. It takes only a matter of moments for Lee to prep what he needs. He'll inject Sneak Peek when Onesi arrives and then they'll question him. Oh the fun. Not only did Lee take the more advanced med courses, he's also one of a handful of Vipers to train with the Interrogator himself. Yeah he's looking forward to trying a few things. With the thought of his training a crass smirk crosses his face as he steps to the table to check his victim. He reaches for the wrist strap to ensure it hasn't loosened at all.


Just then his victim comes alive. Pulling free of the straps he's been loosening over the last several days, Sneak Peek makes his move. He lunges at the Viper at his bedside, before the Viper can make a noise a powerful hand is at his throat cutting off all sound. The force of Sneak Peek's momentum brings the two to the ground. Sneak Peak uses his weight to his advantage driving his knee into the groin of the unwitting enemy. Still unable to yell out a call for help the Viper fights back. Trying to pry the hand from his throat while attempting to drive his thumb into his attackers eye socket. He twists his body with the impact of Sneak Peek's knee. Putting the pain out of his mind he struggles on. Finally he finds his mark. Driving his thumb into Sneak Peek's eye the hold at his throat loosens. He inhales a deep breath and fights on.


The two struggled to their feet. First one then the other would be in control. Lee fought with a ferocity and skill Sneak Peek had never witnessed in a Cobra Viper before. Even more astounding to Sneak Peek is that Lee didn't call for help once he was free of Sneak Peek's death grip. However the noise of the fight was bound to attract attention. Any moment now Sneak Peak knew another would enter the room and he'd be done for. He had one chance of survival and that was to take the Cobra hostage and work his way out. With the ferocity of a panther he launched himself once last time at his enemy. Now or never. He would win the battle or die trying.

Again Sneak Peek's momentum gave him an advantage. He heard the air expel from the Viper's lungs and reacted. Locking his arm under the Viper's left arm he placed him in a modified choke hold. Just in time.


"Let him go mother fucker!" Akin burst into the room a rifle instantly trained on the enemy now using his comrade as a shield. Behind him the rest of Vipers Nest look for clear lines of fire. "I said let him go mother fucker!"


"Lower your weapon or I'll break his fuckin' neck."


"I'll drop your ass where you stand."


"That may be true but you'll be down one scumbag snake."


"Let me through Akin."


"Sir. I can take him. One shot."


"I want him alive."




"Let me through." Akin raises his rifle allowing his superior to pass into the room. As Onesi passes he raises his voice, "Once I'm in put a bead on him. If he does anything to Lee. Decorate the room with his grey matter."


"Of course Sir."


"How are you soldier?"


"I'm okay sir. This is uncomfortable as all hell but I've felt worse."


Onesi steps into the room and quickly assesses the situation. There is a Joe combatant holding one of his men using him as a damn shield. "Listen, Sneak Peek is it. Do you mind if I call you Sneak Peek? As you can see there is no where for you to go. There is only one door into this room and well, you see Akin there, he wants nothing more than to pull the trigger. The man just loves shooting things. I'm quite certain he can take you without injuring Viper. But that doesn't help any of us does it. You let Viper go. We'll ask you a few questions. And we'll let you go. How's that sound?"


"Sounds like a crock of shit Alpha 1. Can I call you Alpha 1? I say you move the fuck out of my way or I'll snap his neck like a fuckin' twig. You see if I'm going down, I'm taking at least one of you fuckin' snakes with me. I've spent too much time out in that shit hole with those things, that death means shit to me right now." As he speaks he puts increasing pressure on the vertebrae of Viper Lee. Yet no sound comes out. Sneak Peek thinks to himself, -Kinda ruins the whole effect if the fucker won't cry out in pain.- "I said get the fuck out of my way. Or he's fuckin' dead."


"Sir, can you just take this asshole out already. He fuckin' stinks like ass and I think he's getting a lil' excited. It's creepin' me the fuck out."


"You sure Viper?"


"Yes sir."


"Akin. Do it."


A single shot rings out. The rubber bullet hits Sneak Peak in his shoulder. As he drops his human shield Lee reaches for the shot of adrenaline and slams it into his former captors leg. The reaction is instant. Sneak Peek's vision blurs, his heart races, and ears ring. At the moment Lee is clear of Sneak Peek the other Vipers tackle him to the ground. They beat him as his body worked against him. Then he was out again.


When he came to he found himself strapped down to the same bed, this time the straps were padlocked and a Viper in full helm and gear with a rifle was standing at the foot of his bed. He had added straps at his ankles and throat. That was all he was able to make out before the rifle butt slammed into his head.

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