In the apocalyptic remnants of the world All That Remains is us and THEM...

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Ch. 70: The Doctor

Posted by SGCaper on March 25, 2015 at 6:00 PM

"Oh look they're back."


"What do you mean they're back?"


"Well let's see the first time this happened was 1932. Then again in 1968, 1978, 1979, and 1985. There was that incident back in 1991, well, except that that turned out to be nothing more then someone colorfully retelling events from 1968. And now look, they're back."


"This has never happened before."


"Sure it has in 1932, 1968, 1978, 1979, and 1985.”


"If this has happened before why haven't we heard about it? Why wasn't it on the news?"


"Well, it was. A squabble here. A riot there."


That was less than 12 hours ago.




"Fixed point in time."


"You keep saying that."


"And it is exactly what I mean. What's happening now. It has to happen."


"Why why does this..." I turn my arm sweeping the horizon glowing red from the uncontrolled fires. No fire service coming to douse the blazes. All around the gut wrenching screaming of the horrified masses mingles with the uncontrolled guttural moaning of the undead echoing into time and space, "...have to happen?"


"Because it just does."


"Explain it to me."


"There is no time for that..."


"You're a time traveler. Make time."


"I'm sorry but I can't. There are some things that even I can't change."


"Can't or won't?"




The pained expression on his face says it all. A mixture of sadness, anger, frustration, and defeat washes over his timeless countenance leaving him looking somehow older.


He places his hand on my shoulder, when he speaks the words are barely above a whisper. His usual boisterous energy completely missing, "Come with me. We can go see the Christmas planet Ember or the Face of Boe. We can come back when this ends."


"And when will that be huh? When will this nightmare end?"


"I don't know."


"How? How can you not know. You've seen our future you've shown me. We survive. Earth survives..."






"Humans. I never said anything about Earth."


"What? But New Earth..." My words stop me in my tracks. "That's it isn't it? That's why it's new earth. Because this one dies."


He refuses to look at me. His head hung low, "Again I'm sorry." Then he raises his eyes towards the sky. Staring at something only he can see, "If there was something I could do I would." The sound of consolation in his voice drips sadness. "Come with me."


"No." I stare him down defiantly holding my head high. "No. I'll stay right here. If this is a fixed point in time and has to happen I'll be here to watch it all."


In less than 12 hours my whole life has been turned upside down. It isn't the first time of course. The first time was when I met him. The Doctor. I'm not even sure how long ago that was, with all the time hoping and space travel.


What I do know is this time everything is different. This time the man I came to know as the protector of Earth. Of mankind. A savior to untold millions. Has decided now isn't the time.


He stepped into his blue box without looking back. Without so much as a snide quip or witty retort. He just stepped in, closed the door, and disappeared.


Now I find myself back against the wall. Quite literally. The small bathroom of the smaller flat is just wide enough for me to put my back against the wall and plant my feet on the door. Anything to slow their relentless pursuit. Their scratching and moaning never ceases. In fact it gets louder every second. More find their way to the open flat door. Stumbling over one another in hopes of crashing through the door and peeling back my flesh. Rory is next to me adding his weight to our attempted blockade. I reach out and take his hand. Tears filling my eyes. We say nothing. This is it. Our time together is finally ending. The door begins to crack. A hand thrusts through grabbing Rory's ankle. He doesn't scream. He doesn't pull away. Doing so would only weaken our hold on the door. He not in any real danger until there are teeth.


The snap catches me by surprise. Rory's scream even more so. Blood pouring from his shattered ankle. Yet he keeps holding his position. He let's out an agonizing shriek. My voice joins his. Another section of the door cracks. It's only seconds now...





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