In the apocalyptic remnants of the world All That Remains is us and THEM...

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Ch. 52 The Lost Transmission

Posted by SGCaper on September 24, 2012 at 9:30 PM

Date: Unknown. Time: Unknown. Location: South America.




General Hawk,


I've found the Snake's position in the grass. I have managed to gather names and call signs on the Snakes in what is called Vipers Nest.


Lt. Onesi, call sign Alpha 1


Tele-Viper Fintak, call sign Xhairs


Techno-Viper Kosa, call sign Spectre


Pilot Nason, call sign Stormavik


Sniper Akin, call sign Dark Horse


Viper Lee, call sign Viper


Viper Crouch, call sign Narceron


Viper Young, call sign Yeti


Viper Logan, call sign Wolverine


The unit has a single BAT in its service. It has been upgraded for the surroundings having a clip fed and wrist mounted full auto weapon firing standard 5.56x45 mm NATO rounds. As well as having a circular saw, chain saw, and flame thrower attachment for clearing vegetation.


I have yet to see any armor capabilities. I have witnessed the use of a modified Spec For XLR 250, a modified civilian pick up, and on one instance a modified Trouble Bubble.


The unit receives a single supply drop via air each month. There seems to be no regularity to the deliveries. I have witnessed dozens of such drops. The number and size of crates drops has varied. I have yet to asses the contents of these drops.


I have recorded troop movements. They run regular sweeps of the area and are highly organized. These are not new troopers stuck on a shit assignment. I'd venture to say that these are seasoned Cobra Vipers.


The men of Vipers Nest tend to leave the locals alone. However, I have witnessed several raids on the village where the Vipers "search" the area. They never find anything during the search. However, the effect does keep the locals in line.


I am including a crude schematic of the exterior of the Vipers Nest.


I have yet to see anything that gives me reason to believe that this is some sort of super bunker.


Will continue recon.



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