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Date: October 11th 2012. Time: 11:28. Location: The PITT.


Storm Shadow looked up at the cage he was set in, metal bars, dingy sofa, lumpy bed with thread bare wool blanket and lumpy pillow, a tray of food brought daily, and a constant guard stationed outside. He heard footsteps, brisk footsteps, and the door opens, partial over lights spray in around the figure, 6ft 8in maybe? Storm Shadow looked at the man his eyes glistening as dust sweeps around him, via the air conditioner.


“Hello old master” says the man, his face masked by a helmet, only his Azure eyes remain un-hidden.


“Nunchuck my old student, you have come to release me?” Asks Storm Shadow, an idea forming in his head.


“You have chosen the wrong side master. You should have just been neutral in this conflict”


“I came for you Nunchuck, it is you who has chosen the corrupt side of life” Storm Shadow leaps to his feet in a fluid move.


“You do not intimidate me old fool, you can’t barge in here kill 2 Guards and surrender yourself just to see me can you?”


Storm Shadow raised his eyebrows, “Let me tell you how corrupt the Joes are, they sent 2 men to kill me, what have I done, I support the Commanders belief, could you be ordered to kill me because I believe in something you don’t?”


“No, but that isn’t the point” Nunchuck never had the chance to finish his sentence as he was knocked to the ground. Minutes later he comes to. He finds himself staring up at Storm Shadow a small blade fashioned from a piece of the sofa from his cell held tight at Nunchuck's throat.


“Join me or Die!”


Just then Burn-Out a guard known for carrying a flame-thrower while on guard duty steps around the corner. All he sees is the cell open and a man on the ground he let’s rip with his weapon. Naplam fills the small corridor and the unrelenting blaze burns Nunchuck a cinder, Storm Shadow escaping through an air vent.

Burn-Out looks at the charred remains and unloads his pistol shot after shot tearing into the lifeless corpse. As he turns from his handy work his throat is shredded by Storm Shadows Knife. Storm Shadow picks up Nunchuck and makes his way out of the PITT to the nearest Medi-Viper outpost.


Location: Secret Cobra Medical Compound, Mexico.


1 year later


After serious plastic surgery and cybernetic implants Nunchuck finally steps up, He suffered amnesia after the burning, seizing the opportunity, Storm Shadow manipulated his mind into a perfect add-on to Cobras Ninjas.

His Left-forearm was converted with Cyber technology and skin grafted on over the Cybernetic arm.

His thighs received cybernetics and his face needed grafting and his chest has a new suit of armor which sustains his breathing, heart beat and other organic parts. He was the first to go under this much “Re booting” as the Doctors call it. Nunchuck steps forward a new man.


2 months later


Dusty and Sandstorm look down at the small cropped buildings in amazement as they see an 8ft beast walk out of one of the small adobe mud homes.


“Is that Storm Shadow?”


Asks Sandstorm who was looking down the barrel of his 50 cal.


“No, It must be a Merc or something” answers Dusty also looking down his scope.

The Joe Desert specialists, Dusty and Sandstorm, were on a mission to find and eliminate Storm Shadow, all they knew was that Storm Shadow was recruiting hundreds of highly trained men and women to the Commanders cause.


If the Mercenary down there looked in their position he would see nothing but sand, sand and more sand, one of the many reasons Sandstorm loves Mexico. Dusty and Sandstorm were in a Dug-Out their roof was 3 layers of Camouflage netting covered with a fine layer of sand with 5 inch holes in the Dug-out facing the Compound. Dusty and Sandstorm were there for days, waiting for something to walk out of the small buildings Iron reinforced door.


“So when is Storm Shadow comin’?” Asks Sandstorm, it seemed to Dusty that he wouldn’t be coming.


“To be truthful I have no fucking clue”


That was the end of their day conversation now it was more hours looking through their scopes at the buildings.

The end of the conversation might be rescheduled.


“Woah looks like a platoon of Vipers just came out of that outer building. Stingers come up from the ground. Tunnel is left of Building Oscar. Wait a minute” Sandstorm scrawled to the back of the Dug-Out and looked through one of the holes.


“Shite, Convoy coming in 12 Humvees, 2 M2 Bradleys, 2 T90’s and 6 Apc’s!”

Dusty looked down his scope never batting an eye lid as he saw the mysterious Merc jump in a Humvee filled with Crimson Troops.


“I don’t know who this guy is but he is trouble, spelt with a Capital T”



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